Additional Staff

District Nurses

There is an excellent team of community nursing staff comprising of a Community Matron Nursing sister, community nurses and community nursing assistants.

They provide a high quality and effective home nursing service for our patients.

These include:

  • Wound management
  • Acute/chronic illness management
  • Continence care/assessment
  • Palliative/terminal care
  • Catheter management problems.

They also provide a leg ulcer clinic on Wednesdays between 1:00pm-3.00pm at Wormley Health Centre.

Referrals to the district nurses can be made by social services, hospitals and general practitioners.

Hoddesdon Health Visiting Team

The health visitors and community nursery nurses are based at Hoddesdon Health Centre and work with families with pre-school children from all local GP surgeries.

A health visitor is a nurse with a further qualification in all aspects of child development, health promotion, health education and aspects of public/community health. They can support you with many health and social issues which can arise in your family life.

Health visitors work closely with your GP, other health-related professionals and social services (children, schools and families). The health visitor or nursery nurse can visit you in your own home, but they are also available each week in clinic, or you can contact them directly by phone – your GP surgery will have contact phone numbers. The health visitor will always visit you after you have had a baby, and will invite you to bring your child to developmental assessments.

Health visitors and nursery nurses are often involved in groups or offering one-to-one support with families for issues such as postnatal depression, childhood obesity, new baby support, multiple birth support, children’s behaviour, child fussy eating, breast feeding, teenage emergency contraception and sexual health.

Regular clinics to see the health visitor or nursery nurse are as follows:

Monday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Breastfeeding support clinic

Tuesday: 9:30am-11:00am, Wormley Clinic, Fairfield Drive

Wednesday: 1:00pm-3:45pm, Hoddesdon Health Centre